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Based Power Plant


SriSky Solar Plant is planning to establish 25 MW Solar Based Power plant in Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh.

This power plant based on Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic consisting of 25011 modules of 200Wp eat's for power generation of 25 MW capacity. The power plant will be located at Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh.

Technical Overview

The 25MWp Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic power system for the project will comprise of the following major
components and services.

  • 25MWp Solar Array consisting of Crystalline Silicon PV Modules – 125055 modules of 200Wp eat.

  • specially designed 105 module mounting structures to mount the solar modules on a free-field with special protection against corrosion – 5955 Nos.

  • Junction boxes, mounted to the underside of the solar array structure, to parallel strings of modules such that maximum power is collected from the modules and transferred to the inverters.

  • 10 KW x 250 Nos., single phase, 50Hz, 230V GC Central Inverters designed for maximum efficiency, reliability, and equipped with advanced monitoring, control alarms, safety features and remote monitoring display. The actual size of the individual inverter units may vary depending on the ground conditions, product availability with suppliers, etc.

  • Mounting hardware and system DC cabling

  • Project Management including, design, supply, install, Construction & Commission

  • Project Management Documentation, Construction drawings, Mechanical Civil, ElectricalBhiwani District.

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