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Our organization follows a rigorous process comprising of all of the following in selecting the suitable site and supporting infrastructure for success of the plant. Similarly, the vendors who supply the equipment are made aware of our vendor selection criteria mentioned below.


  1. Availability of Fuel:- Adequate amount of fuel should be available nearby site at reasonable rates for plant operation in the case of biomass-based power plants. For solar power plants, plain and contiguous land site is selected.

  2. Land & Space Availability:- Adequate amount of land space should be available for procurement for fuel storage and future expansion of site for biomass plants.

  3. Water Availability:- Ample amount of water should be available near site for domestic and industrial use.

  4. Soil Quality:- The soil quality of the site location should suit the requirement for construction of heavy machinery.

  5. Electrical Connectivity:- Availability of Electrical Power connectivity and Power Evacuation Center near the site should be preferred so that power could be available during construction and thereafter for Power Export.

  6. Manpower Availability:- Availability of the skilled, semi-skilled, un-skilled person is required near the site.

  7. Site Connectivity:- Site should be easily accessible by road and should be connected to nearby major cities by Roads or Railways for transport of raw materials, fuels, etc.

  8. Population:- Site must be away from population centers, schools, hospitals etc. so that no interference is there to site activities due to daily public life.

  9. Other Facilities:- Other facilities like hospitals, markets, transports should be easily accessible from the site.


  1. Vendor Experience:- The vendor must be a reputed organization in the market and must have adequate experience of working and handling projects like ours’.

  2. Ability to constantly supply products or services:-The vendor should be able to supply products or services at regular and timely basis and should have adequate chain of service and support centers to support us on urgent basis.

  3. Ability to supply all the products required or the complete solution:- The vendor should be able to provide complete solution. In case only part of the solution can be provided by the vendor, then the products should be compatible with other products supplied from different vendors.

  4. Flexibility to allow changes in orders or product lines:- The vendor should not heavily penalize the company for small changes in order qty or for the changes in technical specification.

  5. Substantial catalogue of products or range of services:- The vendor should have an extensive list of products and services which are as per the relevant National/International Standards.

  6. Team of Internal Experts:- The vendor should have Technical Team comprising of Industry Experts who are able to answer our queries and help us in product selection according to our requirement.

  7. Testimonials and references:- The vendor should provide testimonials and customer references to validate their product reliability and other claims.

  8. Sustainability and financial stability:- The vendor must be financially stable with good economic background.

  9. Prices:- The vendor should be able to offer competitive prices for the products with justification and must be willing to negotiate discounts on the prices wherever applicable.

  10. Delivery times:- The vendor should be able to deliver products and services to suit our requirements and timeline.

  11. Acceptance Test:- The vendor must provide proper Test Certificates for the products when required by the company. He must also be able to carry out Factory Acceptance and Site Acceptance Tests with correct Testing Procedures as per the relevant National/International standards and provide the Test Certificates, in case it is required by the company.

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